Fleas- Treating the Environment

Simon YardWe are spending the month of April focusing on fleas. This week we are focusing on how to treat the 95% of fleas that you DON’T see- the ones in the environment! We recommend treating the house and the yard at least once monthly, but twice a month is ideal. You must use a product that kills adults, eggs, and larva. Most products only kill adults, which means you are only killing 5% of the flea population.

Treating the House

When your dog (or cat!) comes in the house with fleas on it, they start dropping eggs wherever they go- the kitchen, the living room, their bed… your bed… EVERYWHERE. You might be tempted to go out and buy a “flea bomb” to launch a full scale attack on those suckers. However, instead of flea bombs, which can sometimes mean a 12-24 hour timeframe of being locked out of the house (and can miss th, we recommend Knockout area spray.  When you spray the house, concentrate on the “darker” areas, meaning baseboards, long drapes that touch the ground, and under furniture. These are the areas where most fleas will be. Remember that they will also live in the cracks of hardwood floors and tile grout, so treat the entire house, not just the carpeted area. You will also want to treat the furniture that your pet gets on, treating the cushions and even underneath the cushions.

Treating the Yard

When treating the yard you also must use a product that kills adults, eggs, and larva. We recommend Siphotrol yard spray. Concentrate on the areas that your pet spends most of their time in when outside and spray a 2-3 foot perimeter along the fence line. This will prevent any flea eggs that are dropped along your fence line by other animals (like the neighbor’s pups!) from hatching out and getting on your precious pooch. Remember that it will take up to 6 months to really see a difference in the flea population, so don’t give up and stop treating!

This month at McCurdy Animal Hospital, we are hoping you will take control of the fleas in your environment. To help out, we are offering a discount on our Siphotrol yard spray to get you started. Give us a call at 256-881-2482 or come by to pick some up!


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