Hello and welcome to another edition of Simon Says! Today we are talking about microchips- what are they, how do they work, and why are they important?

What Is a Microchip,  Anyways?

Microchips are tiny little computer chips that are enclosed inside an inert glass. They are about the size of as grain of rice- small enough to fit inside a needle! This chip has a unique number programmed into it. When the chip is scanned with a special microchip reader, that number is sent to the reader via a radio signal. The number can then be matched to a database identifying your pet and giving contact information to reach you.

Because microchips are so small, they just have room on them for that identification number. There are no batteries or moving parts. Microchips are strictly used for identification purposes- there’s no active emission telling where your pet is.

Why Should You Microchip?Simon Microchip

There are countless stories of pets being united months or even years later with their owners after being scanned for a microchip. Cats can sneak out when a visitor comes in the door, dogs can break a leash or jump a fence. Unlike collars, microchips are permanent and can’t be lost or destroyed. They will always connect you to your pet! If your pet is found loose, a microchip can save their life, as scanning for a microchip is the first thing an animal shelter will do when picking up a stray pet.

When Should You Microchip?

The short answer is, as soon as possible! Puppies and kittens can be microchipped as young as 6 weeks of age and any size pet can have one. Microchips feel about the same as any other shot and have nothing that will burn or irritate the tissue. They are implanted with a needle in just a few seconds and don’t require sedation.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Two things: whenever you move (or get a new phone number), make sure you contact the registry your microchip is made by to change your information. The second thing to know is this: we think microchipping is very important, and because of that, we are offering a discount for the entire month of May! Give us a call at 256-881-2482 to schedule your appointment today.

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